Instagram for Business- It’s A Slow Go

Dear Reader-

As you may or may not know, I am not what one would call……techno savvy. Before I started renting a chair in a salon I didn’t need a fancy pants cell phone. Mine flipped open and it’s biggest advance was it had a camera. Once I started needing to use Square as payment, it became apparent I had to join this century.

So I got a smartphone, and with that phone came the ability to advance my paltry social media standing. I am already on Pintrest, YouTube, Facebook, my blog….well, I guess it’s not totally paltry. I only use social media for work purposes, as Hubs and I are extremely private. Enter stage left-Instagram. I am asthecurlturns56. I have a few followers, 150 or so, and I follow about as many. I post hair that I do, food I make, and anything that has to do with my 1950’s housewife brand/life. I have found that I really like Instagram. I love seeing other people’s pictures and what they are doing, although there are a few obsessive posters that could do with a few less uploads. I certainly don’t need to see seven selfies a day, although I do love a good selfie. I like connecting with total strangers far away over fun things, like tv programs or James Dean.

The issue is getting more followers in order to help build my updo business specifically. I roll updos all the time on my severed heads and post them, careful not to make it look like my manikin head. Lots of directed hashtags, all very specific. Post post post, with such slow results. I am gaining followers, but it feels real slllooooooowwwwwww. Perseverence and patience? Yep. Grandma says good things come to those who wait, but As The Curl Turns knows waiting can be challenging sometimes.